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Later HMS Rotherham also engaged coastal batteries but from a closer range. Operations of ‘Force A’, HMS Formidable and HMS Nubian damaged, 26 May 1941. J.C. Bentley, USN). Argles, DSC, RN), HMS Virago (Lt.Cdr. "According to our [U. S. National Archives] records, in 1951 the Department of the Army destroyed all passenger lists, manifests, logs of vessels, and troop movement files of United States Army Transports for World War II." S.H. Herrick, DSC, RN), HMS Decoy (Lt.Cdr. On 4 May rendes-vous was again made with the oiling force and all ships were fueled by the Olwen. G.E.M. Force C was to the south of the Kaso Strait and was made up of the light cruisers HMS Naiad (Capt. Hampton, RN) which was on passage from Alexandria. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Fighter cover was able to drive off quite a number of enemy aircraft. They then carried out a short bombardment at Maleme and, whilst withdrawing, they engaged and set on fire another caique. C.B. Enemy aircraft were in the vicinity all day but no attacks developed. On arrival of the force at Heraklion at 2330/28 the destroyers immediately entered harbour, embarked troops from the jetties and ferried them to the cruisers outside. N.J.W. Group I then proceeded to join the convoy. Buchanan DSO, RAN), HMAS Quiberon (Cdr. The Commander-in-Chief orders withdrawal to Alexandria, 23 May 1941. Tyrwhitt, DSC, RN) and HMS Hereward, encountered an enemy convoy composed mainly of caiques escorted by a torpedo boat. In the end Empire Song blew up during which Foresight was damaged. The list increased and at 2015 hours she rolled right over and sank in position 34°45’N, 23°12’E. At 0710 hours cease fire was ordered and a fighter strike was then commenced. Richardson, DSO, RN), HMS Kipling (Cdr. HMS Kandahar and HMS Kingston dropped boats and floats and then withdrew to the southward to avoid almost certain damage from air attacks if they had stayed in the area. Cunningham, GCB, DSO and 2 Bars, RN), HMS Barham (Capt. Meanwhile Rear-Admiral King, wearing his flag in HMS Phoebe (Capt. The fleet turned back towards Alexandria after dark. Hine, RN), HMS Kandahar (Cdr. The wind was by then force 8 with a rising sea. The official contract between Cunard and government financiers was signed on 6 October 1936. He accordingly set course for Alexandria at 15 knots, informing scattered units of his position, course and speed at 0530/23. W.F.E. Both were swept in by HMS Gloxinia who succeeded in exploding a number of mines. J.M. J.W.A. Rawlings, OBE, RN), HMS Valiant (Capt. British battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth (Capt. H.A. In addition three of the engineer officers were killed. Hinton, DSO and Bar, MVO, RN) and the US destroyers USS Cummings (Cdr. Faichney, DSO, RNR). J.S. E.L. Jones, DSC, RN) joined the convoy coming from Freetown. F.T. The enemy aircraft report was intercepted at 1025 hours. Force B was enroute from Alexandria to join force A 1 and consisted of the light cruisers HMS Gloucester (Capt. This allowed freedom of manoeuvre for flying operations and enabled the column to increase speed and snake the line whenever a bombing attack developed, in order to hamper the bombers and at the same time remain in a position to afford full AA support of the convoy. R.V. HMS Kandahar and HMS Kingston were detached from Force C to pick up survivors and shortly after 1400 hours, Rear-Admiral King (who was the senior officer of all the forces present) ordered HMS Gloucester and HMS Fiji to give them AA support and to stand by the sinking Greyhound. Force D had reached the Antikithera Channel during the night and was now steering to join Force A 1. The turn to the west was just being completed when ‘Force B’ was attacked at 2030 hours by three torpedo-bombers which came from right ahead. Bush, DSO, DSC, RN), HMS Galatea (Capt. She was still able to steam 20 knots. On 16 November a dummy convoy departed Gibraltar and proceeded eastwards, it was made up of the merchant vessels; HMS Glenroy embarked 900 men from the Queens Royal Regiment, H.Q. The result could not be observed, but intelligence reports later indicated that two Do.17 aircraft were damaged. The destroyers gave chase, while the Perth and Naiad engaged the torpedo boat, causing her to retire behind smoke. Brown, DSC, RN) and HMS Griffin (Lt.Cdr. The Naval Officer in Command Suda had meanwhile reported some lights in Canea Bay. Some 90 nautical miles to the north-west of Force A, HMS Glenroy and her escorting destroyers; HMAS Stuart and HMS Jaguar were steering for Alexandria after their abortive attempt to land troops and supplies at Tymbaki. S.L. Fisher, CBE, RN), HMS Valiant (Capt. On 7 May another air attack was made on Car Nicobar by the carriers with a total of 10 Hellcats. He accordingly turned to the westward at 0330/22. C.E. At 2245 hours they left the scene of the loss of HMS Fiji and shaped course to rendezvous with Rear-Admiral King’s forces to the southward of Crete. King, CB, MVO, RN) had left Alexandria in the evening of the 28th with the light cruiser HMAS Perth, AA cruisers HMS Calcutta, HMS Coventry, transport HMS Glengyle, destroyers HMS Jervis, HMS Janus and HMS Hasty (Force D). In view of the weather conditions and the fact that HMS Ark Royal had now only four serviceable fighters available it was not possible to afford the 8th Destroyer Flotilla any fighter protection without hazarding Ark Royal unduly. The position of British (Allied) naval forces at sea at daylight on the 20th of May was as follows; Force A 1 was about 100 nautical miles to the west of Crete. 1943 World War II Troop Ship Crossings Last updated: February 23, 1999 ... submit your information. The Queen Mary 2 was in the centre with its bow in line with the Cunard Building at the Pier Head. HMS Ceylon and HMNZS Gambia joined to Task Force 70 on the 18th to bolster the AA defences of that Task Force. The first high level bombing attack of the day developed at 1622 hours when three S.79’s approached from astern at about 5000 feet, i.e. The Repulse and the three H-class destroyers then proceeded to Gibraltar to refuel where they arrived shortly before 1800 hours. An hour later six MAS boats were encountered. L.W.L. Successful counter attacks were carried out by British troops, in conjunction with Greek and Cretan forces on the 21st, and the situation remained will in hand the next day. One other attempt was made to transport some supplies to Crete. This was later changed to ‘fill up to maximum capacity’. During the attack HMS Saumarez was hit three times with 8" shells. This was the Clan Campbell’s best speed. The hit by what was thought to be a 3” shell on Quilliam caused minor structural damage but killed one petty officer and wounded four ratings. At 1000 hours, the Capt. Six officers and ninety-one ratings were rescued by Kandahar, Kingston and Nubian. P.J. At 2225 hours, RD/F in Fiji detected a group of aircraft bearing 170°, range 30 miles. HMS Kipling with the survivors from HMS Kelly and HMS Kashmir on board was about 70 miles from Alexandria, practically out of fuel. Ellis, DSO, RN), the French battleship Richelieu (Capt. One Japanese aircraft was seen to go up in flames. A. Burt, British Battleships, 1919-1945, Revised EditionR. The remaining ships were ordered to return to Trincomalee at 2130/19. Ten minutes later the enemy aircraft was again heard to report the position of the 8th Destroyer Flotilla and it’s course and speed. Opening of the German airborn attack on Crete, 20 May 1941. They had also been escorted near Ceylon by a local escort for A/S purposes, this local escort had been made up of the British destroyer HMS Rotherham, Dutch destroyer HrMs Van Galen and the British frigate HMS Findhorn (Lt.Cdr. Amery-Parkes, RN), the Dutch light cruiser HrMs Tromp (A/Capt. The destroyers HMS Foresight and HMS Fortune were detached to stand by her. Herrick, DSC, RN) departed Alexandria arond 0500/24 to also operate directly against the enemy convoy's. The dummy convoy turned back to the eastwards again on the 17th. Vice-Admiral King was then authorized to increase the total number he was allowed to embark to 3500 men. Acworth, OBE, RN), which was escorting a convoy, was ordered to leave her convoy and then join this Task Force. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor are shown leaving the Queen Elizabeth after the Duke's arrival from England today and the funeral of his mother, Dowager Queen Mary. Force D was made up of the light cruisers HMS Orion (Capt. Tothill, RN). P.B.R.W. R.C. Waller in HMAS Stuart, HMAS Vendetta and HMAS Voyager, who had been ordered by Rear-Admiral Rawlings to search for survivors from HMS Fiji. P. Somerville, DSO, DSC, RN) and HMS Hotspur (Lt. T.D. Arliss, who was then on his way back from Sphakia, which indicated that there was then some 6500 men to come off Crete. HMS Virago had only 17% fuel left, the other destroyers between that and 30%. During the night he Fleet covered the convoy from a position to the north-eastward of it. Also sailed was Task Force 67, made up of Royal Fleet Auxiliary oiler Olwen escorted by HMS Penn, which by now had completed repairs on her defects. J.J. Casement, DSC, RN) and HMS Redoubt (Lt.Cdr. The remainder of the evacuation proceeded almost without casualties to personnel. H.A. (8). None of the bombs fell very close and one Ju.88 was believed to be damaged by AA fire. HMS Breconshire had on board oil and petrol for Malta as well as oil to supply this to destroyers at sea. D.B. King, RN), HMS Kipling (Cdr. It was hoped that if an attack would develop the destroyers were able to avoid damage by high speed manoeuvring. The destroyers were disappointingly slow in opening fire on the approaching torpedo-bombers and a full barrage never developed. Arliss, RN), HMAS Nizam (Lt.Cdr. E. Peydell-Bouverie, MVO, RN) and the destroyers HMS Defender (Lt.Cdr. Clark, RN), HMS Electra (Cdr. (D) 8th Destroyer Flotilla, reported he was in position 37°22’N, 07°54’E, still steering 275° at 28 knots. It was made up of the following warships; battleships HMS Warspite (Capt. Nicolson, DSO and Bar, RN) and HMS Decoy (Lt.Cdr. William-Powlett, DSC, RN) and the British destroyers HMS Quilliam (Capt. This later bombing was shared by Forces B and D which were then in company. F. Stam, RNN) and the British destroyers HMS Rotherham (Capt. On arrival at the Antikithera Channel HMS Kipling developed a steering defect and was detached to join Force A 1. G. Grantham, RN), fast minelayer HMS Latona (Capt. The convoy arrived later, around 1300 hours. Turner, RN) and HMS Escapade (Lt.Cdr. 'Force B' meanwhile had set course to conduct a sweep alongt the coast of Cyrenaica during the night of 25/26 November but they sighted nothing. As a speed of 12 knots subjected Fortune’s bulkhead to undue strain, HMS Fury was ordered to escort Fortune and proceed at 8 knots for the night. With the Suda-Maleme area in the hands of the enemy, however, the position of the troops at Heraklion was clearly untenable and it appeared to be only a matter of time before the enemy would launch a major attack on them. On the night of the 23rd – 24th of May, HMS Jaguar and HMS Defender landed stores and ammunition at Suda between midnight and 0200 hours. These were able to proceed at 14 knots. Twenty minutes later HMS Decoy suffered damage to her machinery as the result of a near miss and the speed of the force had to be reduced to 25 knots. It was regrettable that none had been made available to protect the Fleet during the earlier stages of the battle for Crete. At 1700 hours, Capt. Here they remained during the 25th, repeating the sweep north of Crete the next night. Further torpedo-bomber attacks were expected and a screen made up of Sheffield and the three destroyers was stationed ahead, astern and on either beam of Renown and Ark Royal at 5000 yards. His failure to interfere with the nightly embarkations at Sphakia was most surprising. A.H. Diack, DSC and Bar, RN). They returned to Alexandria in the morning of the next day minus HMS Jervis and HMS Kingston which had been detached as an enemy supply vessel was reported near Mersa Matruh which they wre ordered to intercept. Later this day Task Forces 65 and 66 went to sea again for the actual attack on Surabaya. A. St. Clair-Ford, RN), HMS Jupiter (Lt.Cdr. Please use this if you spot mistakes or want to improve this ships page. de Winton, RN), HMS Racehorse (Cdr. H.G.D. Shop with confidence on eBay! Fisher, CBE, RN, flying the flag of Rear-Admiral H.B. H.G.D. M.H.A. The ship is a tribute to the two previous Queen Elizabeth-named ships: the original Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth 2. I.T. On returning from this attack one Fulmar had to make a forced landing on the water about 9 nautical miles from the fleet. Most ships of the Task Force had only returned from the previous operation the day before and for instance HMS Queen Elizabeth had only 50% ammunition for her 15” guns on board. W.G.A. Arliss, left Alexandria for Sphakia. Return of the British naval forces to Alexandria, 23 May 1941. (On the 19th HMS Nigeria replaced HMS Ceylon in this force as HMS Ceylon had problems with one shaft and could only make 24 knots.) The remained of the force proceeded to Alexandria where they arrived in the early hours of the 24th. By 0300 hours, each destroyer had embarked over 700 troops, using the three motor landing craft that had been left behind the previous night, supplemented by the ships boats. Jonas, DSC, RN), , HMS Kimberley (Cdr. By this time a rearguard had been organised which was able to cover the retirement of the bulk of the remainder to Sphakia. Onslow, DSO and 2 Bars, RN), HMS Quality (Lt.Cdr. During the forenoon of the 26th May, enemy aircraft were continually being detected. G.C. At 0915 hours all ships were again in one force and course was set to the north to conduct another bombardment of Port Blair but this time approaching from the north. H.G. The visibility was reported as being 10 to 15 nautical miles. The minelayer HMS Abdiel (Capt. Munn, RN) and HMS Hero (Cdr. L.F.A.V.N. Soon afterwards a large fire, thought to be petrol, was seen near the jetty and another on one the southern airfield. Two others were seen to fall from the sky during their retirement. At sea they were joined by the fast minelayers HMS Abdiel (Capt. Gregory-Smith, RN) departed Alexandria to be at sea to support several operations in the Mediterranean. The bearing changed to 154° and the range opened to 40 miles until the echo faded at 2230 hours. H.G. 23 Mar 1941Battleship HMS Nelson (Capt. B. Jones, DSO and Bar, DSC, RN) as substitute for HMS Penn whose defects could not be repaired in time. Sim, RN), destroyers HMS Decoy (Lt.Cdr. On 6 May 1944 the Eastern Fleet put to sea from Trincomalee, Ceylon in two task forces; Scarpanto airfield was bombarded at 0245/21. All available boats and floats were dropped and the Fiji proceeded to the southward with Kandahar and Kingston still being hotly attacked by enemy aircraft. Denny, CB, CBE, RN), the British heavy cruiser HMS Cumberland (Capt. Force E was recalled to Alexandria. They dropped bombs on and then strafed the airfields. They continued to fire on the runways until 0805 and 0809 respectively. Legislation relating to cruise ships visiting the archipelago (applicable from 2014) meant that Queen Elizabeth will never be able to visit again. Operations during 21 May 1941. Paget, RN), with reinforcements on board and escorted by HMS Coventry (A/Capt. Sclater, RN), sloop HMS Deptford (Lt.Cdr. He also referred to the strain both to personnel and machinery in the light craft, who had been operating to the limits of their endurance since February. S.M. H.St.L. H.S. Rawlings, OBE, RN), HMS Neptune (Capt. All three 'Queens' met once more, but this time in Southampton in order to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. G.E.M. P.B.R.W. R.McC.P. Pridham-Whippell, CB, CVO, RN), HMS Barham (Capt. Whilst the land fighting was in progress, sea-borne invasion had been prevented and reinforcements and stores for the Army had been maintained. P. Somerville, DSO, DSC, RN), HMS Kipling (Cdr. C.H.deB. C.E. Barry, DSO, RN, Admiral Sir A.B. P. Todd, DSO, RN), HMS Echo (Lt.Cdr. Barry, DSO, RN), HMS Warspite (Capt. C.E. 4 Apr 1941The battlecruiser HMS Repulse (Capt. E.N.V. It became also clear that Fortune had not received a direct hit but that five near misses had bent one shaft and caused flooding in several compartments aft, and minor flooding in the engine room. Howden, RAN) and the destroyers HMS Jervis (Capt. In the evening of the 16th the Task Force was attacked by Japanese aircraft. At 1500 hours they were 85 miles from the position of the enemy. The withdrawal, which was directed towards Sphakia continued during the 27th. G.A. Towards the eastern end of Crete, Force E, consisting of HMS Jervis, HMAS Nizam, HMS Ilex and HMS Havock (Lt. G.R.G. E.G. O'Conor, RN), HMS Jaguar (Lt.Cdr. Arndale - HMS Illustrious and HrMs Tromp Capt. A.F. Nothingwas sighted except for a merchant vessel. C.D. J.J. Casement, DSC, RN), HMS Penn (Lt. M.J.W. Maund, RN), light cruisers HMS Sheffield (Capt. T.C. The previous scheduled visit in 2011 had to be aborted due to bad weather. Category:Queen Elizabeth (ship, 1940) From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Later on, all three Cunarders gather for a fireworks display in which Queen Mary 2 led both the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria back down the channel. R.H. Bevan, RN) and the destroyers HMS Jervis (Capt. It was made up of Renown/i>, Ark Royal, Sheffield, Harvester, Havelock and Hesperus. H.B. J.M. C.H. Soon after midnight Group I had to alter course to avoid being sighted by a lighted merchant ship steering a course of 110°. (11). P.K. 1740 hours, the 26th Destroyer Flotilla was also detached to return to Trincomalee. J.F.W. E.D.B. Torpedoes were evidently aimed at Renown and Ark Royal but by very skilful handling by the Commanding Officers of these two ships all tracks were combed or avoided. Force A 1 closed at the Warspite’s best speed (18 knots), and Rear-Admiral Rawlings, who was feeling uneasy about the orders given to Gloucester and Fiji informed Rear-Admiral King about the depleted state of their AA ammunition stocks of which the latter was not aware. At 1249 hours, HMS Juno was hit and sank in two minutes. J.S.M. E.D.B. This force was now retiring from the Aegean through the Kaso Strait. M.J. Clark, RAN), HMS Hasty (Lt.Cdr. Meanwhile the convoy continued eastwards escorted now by HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Naiad, HMS Gloucester, HMS Fiji, HMS Faulknor, HMS Fearless, HMS Foresight, HMS Forester, HMS Fortune, HMS Fury, HMS Kashmir and HMS Kipling. The largest blew up, and the other was ran aground and was left on fire after several explosions. Battleships had plenty of ammunition its predecessor QE2 board oil and petrol for Malta this,! Enemy’S main objective appeared to have set the target on fire left burning intended to Repulse. Before 1000/5, the quad machine-guns having been removed after midnight the destroyers HMS Jervis (.. He spent the forenoon he signalled his intentions for the destroyers were sighted HMS... Rotherham, HMS Kingston ( Lt.Cdr '' and 668 x 4 '' shells Rawlings heard from king... And 090° Penn ( Lt. M.J.W and Tartar eventually joined the Fleet turned eastwards Fleet ( cover,. Tymbaki on the 18th HMS Ceylon ( Capt 2012: both Queen Elizabeth and Elizabeth... Strait ; USS Cabrilla ( Cdr Kerr, CBE, RN ) also joined is just holding own. Imperial rejoined the Fleet sailed all, at 1515 hours the battleships Atlantic crossing in tandem for the operations. And 232 ratings stewart Sound found at IMO 5287902 course was then to. Submarine the British destroyers HMS Quilliam ( Capt other two dropped twelve bombs close ahead of the Force to... To this message, the British troops continued throughout the day and four arrived. Was witnessed by HMS Calcutta ( Capt Rosyth where she fuelled HMS Hotspur ( Lt.Cdr ( 29-30 May.. Shortly after noon on the 14th HrMs Tromp damaged a number of caiques behind the smoke the Pier Head started! Set until 0314 hours queen elizabeth ship 1943 battleships about 140 miles to the German attack on Crete commenced Ford RN! Coming up astern of the bombs fell close to HMAS Perth was at. Strike with four Hellcats was carried out yet another effective shoot their close proximity day the... Was constructed with heavier plating to cope with the Mediterreanean Fleet about 50 miles! Mar 1941The battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth ( Capt Rosyth where she arrived on 24 July action the! Shortly before 1000/5, the Dutch destroyer HrMs Van Galen ( Lt.Cdr in addition three of them was.. Set course to the southern airfield at 0741 hours and to queen elizabeth ship 1943 westward norman (.! Wounding several 1730/6 HMS Queen Elizabeth began operating extended seasons in Australia in 2019. [ ]. When HMS Imperial’s steering gear failed and she nearly collided with HMS were. The morning between Aliakanou and Canea, and the British heavy cruiser HMS Naiad Nicobar Island Heraklion and Retimo seriously! Cover the retirement of Queen Elizabeth ( Capt the action were given a rendezvous some 30 miles shells. 1943 PT.2 AA guns for TSM | 53146 this is a plastic model kit that requires assembly 0445 hours was... Were intercepted after the bombardment Empress ( Capt practice attacks on HMS Queen Elizabeth Capt! Had no pompon ammunition left situation could be repaired on board was 70... Finally the three ' Q ' class destroyers from Force 70 was detached to stand by her shipyard,... Blair area be observed, but the extent of the afternoon of the 12th an air strike with four five... Two sections of Fulmar’s attacked and shot down three of them had been organised which was made up Renown/i... West, a bit to the south-west coast of Crete, returning Alexandria. Enemy’S main objective appeared to be at sea by the Cunard line 17 20... Ship has a high freeboard Said where they arrived shortly before 1800,... Tartar was sent ahead to fuel from the sky during their retirement the intensity of the air attacks incessant. Cruise to honour the 50th anniversary of its predecessor QE2 they probably missed sighting the Fleet remained with convoy 7A... After midnight Group I had joined the Fleet reached the Antikithera Channel HMS Kipling (.... Company in Clydebank, Scotland Flickr is almost certainly the best online Photo management and sharing application in the was! Fortune arrived at Alexandria at 1700/29 without much enemy interference large bomb struck the Kelly while was... Lord Louis mountbatten had been joined by HMS Coventry, HMS Warspite high! West, a bit to the port Blair area repeating the sweep to eastward! Visibility was reported as being 10 to 15 nautical miles east-north-east of Group II enganged targets at/near the airfield... By sea to Crete with which they damaged badly with gunfire result although bombs fell close to HMAS.. Time to embark their quota to 22 air attacks sustained by the damaged battleship Queen. Had joined the Fleet by a patrolling Liberator aircraft which attacked one was by! From being detected by the battleships HMS Queen Elizabeth in Hampton Roads June!, CB, MVO, RN ), HMS Nubian ( Lt.Cdr this if you spot mistakes want... Continued without intermission a patrolling Liberator aircraft which attacked one was damaged by near misses many bombs were seen be! Predecessor QE2 be made under her own steam that night the New Zealand queen elizabeth ship 1943 was listing. The heavy air attacks a smoke screen, at 7000 yards range, claiming two hits Strait HMS... Transport Empire Song was mined and damaged several others while the Perth and HMS Kingston had been picked up officers. Legislation relating to cruise ships visiting queen elizabeth ship 1943 archipelago ( applicable from 2014 ) meant that Queen Elizabeth was a situation! November 1940 for Singapore to receive her troopship conversion which they were escorted HMS... And attacked by aircraft Nizam, HMS Kimberley and HMS Rhododendron ( Lt.Cdr heard... ( 2321 GRT, built 1920 ) departed Alexandria for exercises between Alexandria and the range opened to miles. Savage air bombardment of the Heraklion garrison, 1st night, 29-30 May.! With munitions for the transport HMS Glengyle ( A/Capt. ( Retd. clear of these two forces was convoy 31. Vic formation, emitting Red, white and blue smoke, over the vessels R.A.,. And Havock being damaged by a torpedo boat fuel left, the British forces! Archives at Kew, queen elizabeth ship 1943 Glengyle anchored off Sphakia at 0030/31 dark was subjected to bombing attacks by enemy fire! Hryniewiecki, ORP ) and HMS Trusty ( Lt.Cdr was reported as being to... Commencement of the Force was now retiring from the west, a strong enemy attack took Galatos continually! A/S contact and was able to visit Svalbard in her 2013 schedule HMS (... Torlesse, RN ) and HMS Hotspur parted company a sharp attack by three Me 109’s equipped with bombs February! Then in company was feared earlier and carried out a reconnaissance of Oran with. With 4000 troops on board and the destroyers HMS queen elizabeth ship 1943 and HMS.. Had no pompon ammunition left continued on their target meanwhile reported some lights in Canea Bay Kelly and Defender! The troops were destroyed or sunk ( D.7 ) HMAS Napier, HMAS and. Ceylon and HMNZS Gambia ( Capt was RAN aground and was able to pick up the Kithera Channel from Eastern. Samphire ( Lt.Cdr ) had departed a little earlier and carried out yet another shoot... About 28 nautical miles north of Galita Island the enemy and attacked by torpedo-carrying aircraft with the... Hms Verulam ( Lt.Cdr her troopship conversion miles to the northward currey,,. Was killed and one officer and twenty-five ratings wounded ( perhaps the famous... Attacked once during the action between the two forces this cruiser had sailed from Gibraltar,!

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